KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION – The Ultimate Operating Room Control Environment.

Creating a routing standard

Features :

  • 48-port fiber optical switch enables any port to control any device or monitor
  • Plug-and- play! With the ADAPTOR1
  • Controlled HD streaming at any time and for any purpose
  • Dual image capture function provides control of 2 sources asynchronously
  • KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION™ features an integrated checklist


The Internet Protocol (IP). KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION™ is the first IP based, all fibre infrastructure system on the market. Shouldn't the world's most popular standard for data communication be your OR standard?

KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION™ leverages this standard to deliver the most cutting edge solution on the market with robust feature sets and enhanced graphical user interface, the KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION™ will exceed the expectations of clinicians today while meeting the demands of the future.

Add functionality "App by "App"

The system is designed to access the applications you need today. From PACS imaging, VITALS, and C-ARM images to 3D endoscopic views and medical device control. With each new feature being software driven, new functions can be added by installing a new application or "App". KARL STORZ OR1 FUSION™ is one software interface that can be expanded feature by feature.

One plug does it all with ADAPTOR1

The unique dynamic nature of the platform allows seamless "plug and play" of devices necessary to complete your tasks in a safe and efficient manner. Experience the "FUSION REVOLUTION" and be immersed in new "state of the art" technology unmatched by any other in the industry.

Karl Storz OR1™ Integrated Theatre System

MEDIPAK SURGICAL N.Z. LTD is catering to the demand of operating theatre automation with superior quality systems and instrumentation manufactured by KARL STORZ of Germany. The two companies have successfully supplied New Zealand hospitals and surgeons with world-class products and solutions for more than 20 years. Together, they share an ethos of providing their customers with the highest quality in products and service.

The Karl Storz OR1™ Integrated Theatre System brings together control of the environment,ergonomics and communications into one centralized system.

This custom-designed, integrated operating room improves efficiency in the operating room and enhances sharing of information among healthcare professionals for better continuity of care for the patient and community.

  • Improve the functionality of the OR complex, for MIS and open surgery.
  • Minimize OSH risks by reducing movement of equipment towers and clearing the floor of cables and cords.
  • Allows for integration with future New Zealand Health information technology advances, for example, electronic health records and PACS imaging systems.

Storz Communication Bus (SCB)

Exclusive to KARL STORZ is the proprietary feature of OR1™ to control of up to 37 separate medical devices from a single touch screen using the Storz Communication Bus (SCB) technology, ie. light source, insufflator, printer, room camera, surgical light camera, room lights etc.

The medical devices are linked together to provide control at a central point, ie. sterile field and monitoring the parameters during surgery. The touch screen offers both Surgeons and Nurses unprecedented control of the entire operating room.

Partnering with Medipak Surgical N.Z. LTD & KARL STORZ to design and install your OR1™ essentially provides New Zealand Hospitals with a strategic platform to take your institution well into the 21st century in the most cost effective way possible

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